Command Map

class urwid.CommandMap

dict-like object for looking up commands from keystrokes

Default values (key: command):

'tab':       'next selectable',
'ctrl n':    'next selectable',
'shift tab': 'prev selectable',
'ctrl p':    'prev selectable',
'ctrl l':    'redraw screen',
'esc':       'menu',
'up':        'cursor up',
'down':      'cursor down',
'left':      'cursor left',
'right':     'cursor right',
'page up':   'cursor page up',
'page down': 'cursor page down',
'home':      'cursor max left',
'end':       'cursor max right',
' ':         'activate',
'enter':     'activate',

Return a new copy of this CommandMap, likely so we can modify it separate from a shared one.

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